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Introducing the business card website of “Sidorenko Boxing” – an elite boxing club in Poland where the true spirit of champions is fostered.

Energy and Power of Boxing: The website of “Sidorenko Boxing” exudes the energy and strength that define this club. The stylish design and vibrant colors reflect the dynamism of the boxing ring and emphasize its significance for the club.

Coaching Staff – Alexandra Sidorenko: The website showcases the coaching staff of the club, with a special focus on the recognized expert and champion – Alexandra Sidorenko. The coach’s profile reveals her achievements, training style, and personal principles, giving due attention to her professional expertise.

Club Photo Gallery: Through the club and coach’s photos, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of “Sidorenko Boxing.” From training sessions in the gym to successful performances by club members, the photo gallery captures the full spectrum of the club’s experience.

Training Schedule and Events: The site includes an up-to-date training schedule, allowing clients to easily choose a convenient time for sessions. Additionally, the events section informs about any upcoming activities and tournaments.

Contacts and Trial Class Registration: We have simplified the contact and trial class registration process with a convenient form on the website. This makes access to the club as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Join the Champions’ Family: “Sidorenko Boxing” is not just a club but a true community of champions. Join and discover the world of boxing, where everyone can feel like a real champion.

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